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         Digital tools in education

January 29, 2010


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Wow! What an amazing article! The king of “stuff” I would hope everyone is considering when teaching in the 21st Century!

I first noticed the shift (and emphasis) from “prepare students to be motivated and active participants in their world” vs. the local community, which in my opinion is also important, reflecting the true neature of our world today. The whole worls has become our “local community”!

I recognize the importance iEarn place on instructional activities that link to important key terms in today’s education, such as networking and sharing (folktales project); learning from others, collaboration, and sharing of information (the Wetlands project); “movers and doers” (the land mines project).

I also learned a new expression: ACTIVIST TEACHING. What a great way to call it for what it is! According to Wikipedia (sorry Wikipedia skeptics), “Activism, in a general sense, can be described as intentional action to bring about social, political, economic, or environmental change”. However, even though sometimes this word is directly related to extreme confrontation, It is apparent to me that iEarn embraces the sort of productive and positive activism rather than agressive and confrontational type.

What best way to achieve effective and longlasting change than to do it through debate, research and sharing of opinions.  I believ iEan has gotten it right! (if now the poloticians and rulers of our world would follow suit!)

I was also simpressed with the structure (premise) of the workshops at the World Bank: Learn – teach others – Follow up upon returning to your own school.

To me the best indicator of this program’s success is the students themselves. Students who complain and express disappointment because they are no longer exposed to global interaction…say it all!