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January 27, 2010

Pre-Course Reflection

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Course Expectations

The truth of the matter is that I love to take advantage of the wonderful resources (people and otherwise) we have at William & Mary. When I heard about this course (thanks Dale and Debbie) I immediately decided this would be  a great opportunity to learn more about technology in the k-12 environment,  an aspect/area of technology I consider to be an essential precursor ( and directly related) to what happens when students enter college.

I am very interested in discovering (and exploring) which technologies are being utilized and implemented at the k-12 level, what works, who uses them, as well as what are the constraints and challenges encountered  by the teachers who choose to use them.

Additionally, I would like to join professional groups such as Ning, VSTE and others which will allow me to share and discuss with other colleagues about real technology/pedagogy concerns and issues.

This class may help understand what our younger students are doing today so we can better prepare and anticipate what we will need (and/or should be doing) to do  by the time they start their college education.

I am already*so* pleasantly surprised to find out that the New Media Consortium issued a K-12 Horizon Report ! Some of the trends and predictions match the ones reported for Higher Ed. Topics such as Collaborative Environments, Online Communication, Mobiles, Cloud Computing, Virtual Worlds, etc. seem to be in everyone’s minds these days. All we have to do is visit Educause and look at the “7 Things You Should Know About” list.

I believe this course will open my eyes to the reality of educational technology in our area schools!

I like this quote I stole directly from the Educause’s website:

”I t is not about technology, it is about what we do with it that counts!”

Technologies I use:

Twitter/Yammer, Facebook, Second Life (Let’s be virtual friends! My name is: Mane Sideways), iGoogle, Picasa (I am running out of space – may have to start paying a fee to store more pics!), YouTube ( I have 85 videos uplodaded! – mostly of the grandkids), Skype (I call my friends in Argentina, relatives in Chile, colleagues in the US – for free!), FlipVideo (never leave home without it!), Digital camera, Palm phone ( I use it as a calendar, to store pics, texting, access the internet, play games, watch TV, listen to music…and… oh yes…to make phone calls!), iPod (would not excersive without it!).

Wish list:

  • Foci digital album (so I can get rid of all my hard-copy pics! Yes, this would be my way of being “green”)
  • iPad – OF COURSE! (I am saying bye bye to the Kindle idea)
  • Mini-Dell (would be great for meetings and classes)

What drives me crazy about technology:

Not knowing what all is “out there” and feeling silly when I can’t figure out a particular interface, and not being able to afford a really cool and innovative tech tool (it is what it is!)!

Looking forward to learning loads in this course!

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